Usage: Mix 2g in 1L  Succulent soil for preventing and kill Mealybug.  or 1 g for 1 succulent.


It is very easy to use, just put on the soil, and the pesticide will be absorbed into the plant body through the root of the plant.


Mealybug is quite a dangerous pest to succulent. There are two possible reasons to causes them to show up: 1) overwatering, or over-fertilizing. Their favorite place to hide is right where the leaves meet up with the stem. This makes them hard to seed and hard to kill. If they aren't treated quickly, mealybugs will spread all over a succulent and to nearby succulents as well. They eat away at the succulents. To prevent these bugs, we can mix the insecticides in the soil. If you see mealybug already spread on the succulents, first you need to separate the plant with others, then simply spray the 70% alcohol directly on the mealybugs, wherever they are on the succulent. 





呋虫胺为第三代烟碱类杀虫剂,施药后有效成分由根部 被植物快速吸收并广泛分布于作物体内。它是通过作用 于昆虫神经传递系统的内吸式杀虫剂,并具有触杀、胃 毒的作用。本品不仅可以杀灭各类植物和土壤虫害,还 能增强植株抵抗力,预防虫害。本品可有效防治花卉、 多肉等植物上的蚧壳虫、蚜虫、红蜘蛛、菜虫、蕈蚊 (俗称小黑飞)等害虫。有低毒性和缓效性,持效时间长。针对根粉蚧应该是它的主要作用。



用量:7cm直径的盆 约用1~2克 10cm直径约用2~3克




FP002 | pesticide虫药 | 小白药 | Mealybug | Aphids |50g

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