Produced in the Tochigi and Ibaraki areas, with particularly high quality soil yielded in the city of Kanuma, hence the name Kanuma soil. Its geological name is Kanuma pumice, and its primary components are silica and aluminum. It is acidic (pH 4 to 6), and mainly used for succulents, satsuki azalea and rhododendron bonsai.


Usage & Advantages:

  • For plant topping paving stone
  • As soil mixed medium

This soil contains few microorganisms, both drains and retains water well, and has a wide range of applications, capable of growing a diverse variety of plants, with the exception of those that require alkaline soil.


Mini Notes:

Kanuma soil and Akadama are perfect suitable for the root growth of Lithops and Hawortia, and topping dressing for Lithops and Hawortia since Kanuma soil and Akadama are more softer than the other stone.






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鹿沼土是良好的土壤改良材料,可全面改善土壤状况,并能有效地促进植物生长。适合多肉植物的种植与培养。因其出色的保水、排水和保温性,可作为盆底石来使用, 亦可作为铺在土面的表层植材。炎热夏季,它们还可以明显降低盆土温度,有利植物度夏。鹿沼土可单独使用,也可与泥炭(颗粒)、腐叶土、赤玉土等其他介质混用。







PS005 | Kanuma pumice 鹿沼土 | Succulent cover stone | 1L

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