Buy 7 get 1 freeJapan succulent mix soil: After strict scientific formula, with Akadama stone、Grass carbonIn addition, succulent slow-release fertilizer and root rot prevent medium, which is very professional and intimate.With these formulas, you don't have to worry about pests and diseases, and fertilizer. size:2L / bag买7送1 多肉专用土:经过严格的科学配方,除了常用的草木灰,赤玉土,草炭以外另外加了多肉植物缓释肥和根腐防止介质,这点非常专业和贴心有了这些配方再不用担心病虫害,以及上肥的困扰了 尺寸:2L/袋

PS010 | Japan succulent soil 日本多肉专用土 | Soil easy mix | 2L | buy 7 get 1 free

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